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Washing Your Home

Your home is your most expensive investment, obviously. A homeowner will keep it clean on the inside and sometimes pay for a maid service to come and clean it weekly. A homeowner will also hire a landscaping or mowing service to keep the yard and bushes trimmed and neat looking. When it comes to keeping the siding, brick, stone, or concrete clean though, most people don’t even think about it

A homeowner, or business owner, will probably look at a filthy driveway or sidewalk like it is supposed to look like a slum after a while. Well, that’s half right. After a while the exterior of any building will become filthy from dirt and grime, but, it is not supposed to remain unattended. A person will wash their car every week whether it needs it or not, but not even think about their house. Why?

Procrastination and “its not that bad” are the two biggest excuses. Dirt and grime only make your property stand out in the neighbourhood as an eye-sore, but mold and fungus are a really big problem. Mold and fungi are living organisms and, by definition, living things must eat. Well, what do you think they are eating? If a homeowner or business owner does not hire a professional pressure washing service, then those living things are going to eat right through the walls. Just because it does not ‘look that bad’ does not actually mean that it is ‘not that bad.’ Pressure washing companies are inexpensive and certainly cheaper than replacing a whole wall.

Many health problems are directly associated with mold so the last thing a person should want is to be surrounded by it. When mold and fungi are easily seen on the siding, brick, stone, deck, fence or concrete, then it has been time to have your house expertly cleaned. Pressure washing is a much more skilled trade than most realize. First, pressure washing is a real job, real work and real dangers. Pressure washing takes a great deal of know-how and experience. If a person puts 3000 or 4000 pound per square inch of water to a soft surface without being properly trained, the least that will happen is that a homeowner will spent a bunch of money on repairs.

Almost everyone has a wrench and a screw driver, but when your car breaks down, you know that you have to take it to an expert mechanic that knows what he is doing, The same is true for pressure washing. You will have a much better day and have much better results if you just hire professional pressure washers.

A complete house wash is recommended to be done at least once a year. Not only will it dramatically improve the appearance and increase the value of you home or business, it will save you a ton of money in future.

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